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Melbourne, Australia (December 14, 2011) – migenius, creator of custom enduser 3D web applications for rapid and improved design decision making today announced that it is taking forward the ongoing business and development related to the RealityServer® product for 3D Web Services, following an agreement with NVIDIA®, the company that had acquired mental images GmbH who had previously released this product.

Going forward, migenius has the rights to enhance, release, license and support the RealityServer technology, along with providing the necessary rights to continue the RealityServer business. The rendering framework used by RealityServer, and the commercial renderers it hosts (including NVIDIA iray®) will continue to be developed by NVIDIA, with migenius receiving ongoing updates to ensure the RealityServer product it offers maintains state of the art rendering capabilities. Existing RealityServer customers will transition to migenius for ongoing support related to 3D Web Service development.

[blockquote]”We’re excited to take RealityServer forward, supporting existing customers while building incredible new end-user solutions based on RealityServer 3D Web Services,” said Paul Arden, CEO of migenius. “By combining the power of the NVIDIA GPU and scalable iray rendering technology with migenius’ products and services it will be possible to build truly interactive, photorealistic and collaborative applications accessible by any connected device anywhere in the world.[/blockquote]

RealityServer is a Cloud-based 3D application service platform that allows users to interactively access and manipulate complex 3D data from any connected device without the need for a plug-in or to download any 3D data. This has the power to open the vast amount of 3D data that is available today to a much wider audience, providing new and innovative ways for teams to collaborate. By utilizing cloud computing, highly complex 3D models that for years have been tied to high-end workstations can be manipulated on any connected device such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers in a way that is both affordable and scalable. By incorporating NVIDIA iray rendering technology, RealityServer delivers physically correct, photorealistic imagery collaboratively to many users with a level of interactivity never before seen.

[blockquote]”migenius is in a strong position to move RealityServer forward,” said Ludwig von Reiche, senior director of Business Development, NVIDIA. “This arrangement allows NVIDIA to concentrate on its rendering platform while working with migenius as a dedicated source for custom solutions and integrations. We’re confident that the extensive experience of migenius with server-based Web 3D technologies and their customer focus will engender a new class of interactive 3D solutions whose time has come now that cloud computing infrastructures, and GPU clusters, are becoming pervasive.[/blockquote]

About migenius

migenius was founded to provide software and web services to the market to enable ‘live 3D for all’. These services are aimed at improving information flow and helping stakeholders make better, more informed and faster decisions in design and marketing. Bringing together over 70 years of combined specialized knowledge and experience in online, collaborative 3D application development, migenius has developed a considerable base of core technology and know-how, with over 8 years of experience building RealityServer solutions.

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