RealityServer on Nimbix JARVICE 2.0

The number of cloud service providers offering NVIDIA GPU resources is increasing and in today’s article we will show you how to get started using RealityServer with Nimbix. migenius has deployed several of its customer projects on the Nimbix platform and it offers some unique advantages such as containerised environments (instead of virtualisation), fast start-up times and usage charged by the minute instead of by the hour. On Nimbix migenius has set-up a pre-configured RealityServer environment for you, keep reading to learn how to sign up for Nimbix services and get RealityServer up and running.

Note: This article has been updated to show the current instructions for using the new JARVICE 2.0 Nimbix service.

On Nimbix, much like other providers you have two different methods you can use to orchestrate services, a graphical dashboard and an API. In this article we will cover the graphical dashboard method, you will notice however that the dashboard periodically provides JSON data to you, this data shows you what you will need to submit using the API if you decide to use it later on. Most customers start with the graphical dashboard to get familiar with the offering and then build some level of automation around the API alternative.

The slide deck below runs you through the various steps involved in signing up for Nimbix services and getting your RealityServer task up and running. Please note that everything in this article is based on running RealityServer on Linux.

We have shown you how to run the pre-configured RealityServer task on Nimbix here, however you can also define your own custom NAE (Nimbix Application Environment). This can then use your own version of RealityServer and be setup in any way you wish. When using a custom NAE you will need to provide your own licensing server connectivity, typically only experienced RealityServer users will need to do this.

Taking it Further

As mentioned in the slide desk after starting a job you can press the Help button for your job in the dashboard to get detailed documentation on how RealityServer is setup on Nimbix. If you want to dive into how RealityServer has been configured in detail you should definitely read this documentation, however if you have gotten this far you have everything you need to get RealityServer up and running as well as test out your models. As always, contact us if you want to talk more about RealityServer or run into any problems.